Trinity Joins the Loss Prevention Security Council (LPRC) – July 2023

TRINITY is intent on helping to address retail loss prevention, especially “product protection” issues in creative ways using our industrial design and market insights to give clients optional solutions for preventing in-store theft while helping your shoppers shop! 

As members of the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) we are committed to getting as much insight as possible to create intuitive, low-cost solutions that offer optionality to Retailers and Brands so that they can apply the right loss prevention applications to the solve the specific issues different store locations have.  We are keenly aware that if our systems cost less, you can do more! 

Think of our Loss Prevention Catalogue as your “toolbox” for applying relevant solutions to opportunity categories or                 brands. 

Please see: Retail Loss Prevention Solutions 

In the area of loss prevention, we have applied our unique combination of market learning, industrial design, and operational excellence to create new solutions, like our proprietary Polycarbonate Security Case that work better for less… meaning a “lower total cost—both fixture and installation cost”!   Other Patent Pending solutions are offered here as we seek to offer real innovation for the retail security problems in the market.



New Innovative, Non Breakable Security Door System – March 2023

Anti-Sweep Dispenser for Baby Formula (October 2020)

Anti-Sweep Dispenser for Wine + Liquor (July 2020)

Two Industry Titans Join Forces to Stop Theft (June 2020)



 Two Industry Titans Join Forces to Stop Theft.

 Vestal, NY, June 9, 2020: Scorpion Security Products, a leader in the retail security industry, is thrilled to announce its partnership with fixture and shelf-management leader, TRINITY, LLC in the fight against theft. The combined experience and expertise make for a very powerful duo—The partnership has proven to be successful by tackling longstanding challenges faced by retailers across the country and around the world.

Theft from sweeping shelves is a major issue for all retailers. Among the items being stolen, baby formula, also known as liquid gold, and wine/spirits continue to be the most targeted items in the food and beverage sector, mainly by Organized Retail Crime (ORC) theft rings which account for tens of billions of dollars in annual loss for retail. These products are readily available and easily concealed, making this a real challenge for all retailers. Scorpion has been working on a resolution for this problem for nearly 3 years. Scorpion Security Products identified an immediate crossover between retail security and store fixture/shelf management solutions.  

“Having spent over 18 years in the store fixture and display industry prior to starting Scorpion,

I knew the best choice for a partnership in this new endeavor would be TRINITY” said Pete Gulick, CEO of Scorpion. “I have worked with Randy Riley of TRINITY for over 30 years and he was equally as enthused and interested as I when we discussed this opportunity. Randy, John Farinola and Team have worked closely with us during this design/development phase and together we have created 2 highly innovative and secure dispensers for Baby Formula and Wine/Liquor. Our customers will receive the highest level of security while providing an effective merchandising solution.” 

“For two years now, we have been working with Pete and his team as partners in developing new retail asset protection systems.  To collaborate with a security innovator like Scorpion by combining their retail anti-theft experience with our retail industrial design as well as operational expertise has been very rewarding. Most importantly, it translates to exceptional added-value to our clients, both retailers and brands.  We are on the cusp of introducing our first two Retail anti-sweep systems to the market. I look forward to seeing them in stores” said John Farinola, Partner and Co-Founder of TRINITY, LLC.

 About Scorpion

Scorpion Security Products, Inc. was founded in 2008 by CEO, Pete Gulick. We are a leader in the retail security industry, specializing in display security for handheld electronic devices. Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest level of consumer engagement while maintaining maximum security.

 About Trinity

TRINITY—DISPLAYS/FIXTURES + LIGHTING + TECHNOLOGY.  TRINITY, headquartered in Metuchen, NJ, combines retail insight, industrial design, LED Lighting and technology in-house knowledge, as well as operational excellence, to create and produce innovative, “experiential” fixtures, shelf productivity systems, and light fixtures—all forms of Task, Décor and Visual Lighting.

Press Contacts

 Scorpion Security Products
Annie Bensley

Director of Marketing + Strategic Partnerships

Randy Riley
732.549.2866, X 248

NJMEP Features TRINITY as NJ Manufacturing Hero (April 2020)

Top 50 P.O.P Companies of America (May 2019)

Dyson at Hudson Yards Neiman Marcus


TRINITY is excited to announce the addition of Eric Henry, SVP, Engineering. Eric brings 25+ years of experience in the POP/Store Fixture industry.  He’s designed/engineered some of the most iconic systems out in retail.

How will Eric help make Trinity even better at industrial design/problem-solving?  How will this translate into success for clients?

  • Eric is a master mechanical engineer specializing in multi-material manufacturing.  Given we consider ourselves multi-material manufacturing experts, Eric’s presence elevates our position further towards offering the “best”, low-cost client solutions.
  • Eric’s vast background in precision injection molding, especially in the cosmetics arena, enhances TRINITY’s expertise in this area.
  • As we like to say at TRINITY, Eric sees “the big picture” while developing client solutions through effective designs that solve problems, and that can be produced cost-effectively, all of which leads ultimately to an excellent customer shopping experience and good client ROI.

We’d love to hear from you about opportunities you think we may be able to help with.


TRINITY is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Hannecke Display Systems, a German-based company that for 45 years has been a global supplier of high quality, modular permanent displays. 

These modular displays accommodate many products—traditionally books, magazines, cards, and maps, and today, additional product categories like cell phone accessories, napkins, and frankly, any “rigid” package type.

Hannecke, who has all the tooling for their internationally well-known system, will send molded trays to TRINTY, and TRINITY will do the assembly from its New Jersey based operational facility for the Americas giving clients a high-quality product at a good price.

Mr. George Krubski, a senior sales consultant for TRINITY, will lead the sales initiative for this program.  George has extensive experience working with the publishing industry and various retail channels that look to maximize their impulse sales thru the beautiful display configurations that make-up the Hannecke line of displays.

For more information, please contact George Krubski at Email: or Phone: 973-202-0561.


           Top 50 P.O.P Companies of America (July 2018)

top pop 2018

                                    Top 50 P.O.P Companies of America (June 2017)

top pop 2017

TRINITY has been consistently ranked one of the Top 50 P.O.P companies in America.  TRINITY specializes in Custom Displays, POP LED Displays, LED Panels, LED Light Box Displays, Fabricated Acrylic, Wood and Metal Displays, and is a Global Display Company with worldwide supply-chain sourcing and client coordination capability. TRINITY combines retail insights and “industrial design” and lighting expertise to create fixtures, shelf productivity systems and lighting luminaries–cornices, under-shelf lighting, light panels and boxes, fabric graphic light boxes, and neo-neon signs using low cost, innovative LED design applications. TRINITY is not only a leading Store Fixture Company but is currently developing Smart Lighting/IOT based LED Retail Solutions.  The later, thru imbedded sensor technology, will allow TRINITY to “tune your lighting” to capture powerful shopper behavioral information.  TRINITY’s clients include Retailers such as Walmart US & International, Dollar Tree/Family Dollar, Target, Rite Aid, Mariano’s, Hannaford, Associated Grocers, Jewel, Giant Eagle, AHOLD, Kinney Drugs, CVS, Walgreen’s, Boscov’s, Footlocker, Modell’s, and PETCO; and Brand Companies such as Campbell’s, E & J Gallo, Dyson, Hallmark, General Mills, Nature’s Bounty, Diageo, Lindt, Wet Sounds, L’Oreal Canada, ICON, Mercedes, Timex, COL-LAB, Smucker’s, and Casio; and Strategic Partners and 3rd Party Companies such as Stephen Gould, Vermont Store Fixtures, DAVACO, Marketing Impact, and Colony.

Lightfair 2017 Trip Recap (May 2017)

By Jay Rakkenchath and Michael Flynn—TRINITY Lighting

Get Ready for the “IoT, Internet of Things”

We at TRINITY pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on the new, emerging ideas and technology in the lighting industry. To continue to inform and educate ourselves on the new advancements in lighting and related technology, on May 11th we attended the annual international Lightfair 2017 held in downtown Philadelphia. This fun and educational trip opened our eyes and gave us valuable insight into the future of our industry. Clearly, the next step in lighting innovation is the incorporation of IoT (Internet of Things) into lighting hardware.

The internet of Things is still an emerging topic and has not achieved worldwide awareness or acceptance. Many people are still not aware exactly what IoT is; it is the integration within buildings (homes, offices, and retail) of lighting luminaires with multiple advanced microprocessors, sensors, and internet connectivity to allow for increased functionality (connected lighting) as well as the collection and analysis of data to provide solutions that can optimize the efficiency of buildings. The incorporation of IoT into lighting will allow, thru the use of scanners, for retailers, as an example, to collect valuable data on their target consumer base. Data on consumer purchasing patterns and behavioral/movement patterns are crucial for retailers. The analysis of this data will help retailers to improve their efficiency and profitability by customizing store layout, product offerings, and promotional plans that suit the needs of the target consumer base as well as optimize the lighting of the store.

Incorporation of IoT into lighting has not become mainstream, but in the near future will become prevalent throughout the world. A prime example of IoT incorporation into lighting will be overhead LED light fixtures that have multiple sensors included such as a temperature sensor, light sensor, proximity sensor, etc. In this example, a light fixture that incorporates a temperature sensor allows for the removal of the thermostats in a room and would allow for the control of the HVAC system through personal devices. The incorporation of a proximity sensor and a light sensor would allow for a better and more efficient control of the lighting in a specific room. If the room is empty all of the lights will be off but when an individual walks in the light will turn on automatically. Also in this case, if sunlight is present due to windows in the room the light sensors in the fixtures will be able to recognize it and adjust the light output by the fixture to deliver an even light throughout the room…this is called “daylight harvesting”. The interconnectivity of these sensors within fixtures and personal devices will allow for customization of the overall environment as well as the incredibly efficient system that will improve the time frame of the return on investment.  By the way, it was interesting to hear that a typical smart phone has 30 sensors in it!

The main challenge currently facing incorporation IoT into lighting is the issue of security. Implementation of subpar microprocessor and sensors into fixtures and connection to a company’s main servers will create a vulnerability that can be exploited by hackers to gain access to a company’s entire system to do with as they please. For example, a major retailer was hacked a few years ago when the hackers were able to gain access through the sensors and microprocessors that were being used by contractors to monitor the energy consumption and temperature with in stores. The tech industry is taking measures to ensure that this does not occur again. Companies are implementing proprietary code/encryption as well as more advanced microprocessors that allow for safer collection and transference of data. The data can be utilized with adaptive systems/algorithms to help companies come up with solutions that will improve efficiency.

The incorporation of IoT capable devices can revolutionize the retail industry. The implementation of the appropriate IoT capable devices will allow retailers to determine consumer behavior and movement within a store and adapt the layout/service to meet the needs of the geographical demographic. In addition, the utilization of alternative sensors such as temperature sensors and light sensors will help retailers improve their efficiency and reduce operating cost. Therefore incorporation IoT capable devices should help retailers drastically improve their bottom line. 

February 2016
feb 2016 news
December 2013
Lighting Sells More!

TRINITY is pleased to release its first in a series of white papers on the impact of lighting at retail and the ROI clients can look forward to when implementing new LED lighting fixture programs.

In LIGHTING EFFECTIVENESS, now posted on TRINITY’s Home Page, we sought to pull together as much of the research we could find.

Executive Summary:

  •  From the Lighting Research Center(@Rensselaer): ‘the integration of lighting on a shelf or fixture increased the likelihood of sale by 40%’.
  • Merchant Mechanics (a leading retail research company) did a study showing that ‘increase light levels for products can result in sales increased of 100%‘.
  • TRINITY’s own Tri-Light generated 6% sales increases in just 3 weeks.
  • Paco Underhill (a significant shopper researcher) wrote in his book, Why We Buy, “when people linger longer, they buy more… lighting makes people (especially women) want to linger longer“.

More recently we have seen these studies:

  • Very recent testing by Wrigley’s of lighting (LED) at the front end with various retailers reported at least 10% sales increased of front-end confectionary.
  • Our own LED Lighing System for L’Oreal Canada’s Maybelline brand(there was no lighting before; then lighting was added) generated 18% sales increases.

It is no surprise then to see Walmart,Target, Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Safeway, Jewel, Mariano’s, Kohl’s, and Lindt among other Retailers and Brands lighting-up their stores and products with Cornice, Undershelf LED Lighting, and thin LED Panels and Boxes to provide the shopper a more exciting and easier to see place to shop.

Light profoundly affects our feelings of well-being, of awe and wonder of mood, of comfort, of motivation” –Louis Erhardt

June 2011

TRINITY partners, George Cox, John Farinola and Randy Riley, also owners in Grenite Sustainable Solutions—the maker of Grenite®, a new sustainable hard surface material, are pleased to announce a new manufacturing supply agreement with Saint Gobain, a world leader in construction markets and materials.

April 2011

NEW PROMOTIONAL PALLET PRESENTATION P3 – WORTH THE WEIGHT : Metuchen, NJ–(April 29, 2011)–The business of promoting national and private label brands in retail stores with over-stacked and splintered wood pallets has been a decades old merchandising practice even though retailers have spent millions of dollars updating their respective stores to make the shopping experience more visually appealing for their customers. Thanks to a new invention called the P3 stacked pallets have never looked better nor easier to buy and stock.

The P3 is not a one size fits all. While it is designed to merchandise heavy bulk goods like dog food, bottled water/soda, and various other heavy products, the springs at TRINITY’s Metuchen, NJ factory can be calibrated to function with lighter product. The P3 platform is made from recycled plastic, so not only is it ecologically friendly, it is nearly indestructible. New mini P3 and other uses of this vertical-pusher approach are in development.

Originally sponsored by Nestle Purina Pet Care, the P3 is currently in test in select supermarket and mass market retail locations, and the results thus far have been very encouraging. Greg Norsworthy, Purina’s Director, Retail Presentation, thinks the P3 is a natural for heavy bags of pet food as well as kitty litter. “Focus group and consumer intercept feedback has shown us that the promotional pallet lifter is a welcomed retail solution,” claims Mr. Norsworthy. “The large colorful shroud gives us a great billboard to communicate brand identity and value message,” he added. The P3 has helped Purina secure floor space in prominent drive aisle locations. Product sell-through during testing has exceeded expectations. According to Mr. Norsworthy, sales of Purina dog food have increased more than 50% during peak promotional events, and 25% during off peak periods. Consumer reaction has been even better. “Shoppers love the fact that they don’t have to struggle to lift heavy product into their carts,” notes Mr. Norsworthy. “The convenience factor is a big plus, and it shows the customer that the retailer cares about their well being,”he concluded.

A new pallet lifting technology could very well change how promotional goods are displayed and shopped in retail stores, and a triumvirate that includes brands, retailers and consumers would all be the key benefactors. The short for Promotional Pallet Presentation, uses precision calibrated, high tension springs to elevate stacked pallets of merchandise off the sales floor for easy stocking, viewing and buying. The patent pending P3 uses gravity to collapse four springs into fully compressed levels when a fully loaded pallet is positioned onto the P3’s platform. Then, as product begins to sell down, the springs begin to gradually uncoil and extend up, raising product to convenient, easy to access levels.

Great for Bulk Case Goods

Whether it’s 50 pound bags of dry dog food, cases of bottled water and soda, or heavy packages of top soil and other garden related bulk goods, the P3 positions product at hip to shoulder levels, making access to product quick and easy and limiting the probability of injury to shopper and store associate. In mass retail stores, where the core consumer is female, eliminating the need to bend down and lift heavy product into a shopping cart can be a big customer convenience. In customer intercepts one middle aged single working mom living in a central New Jersey suburb, said that the P3  can be a ladies best friend. “I’m a single parent that frequents my local grocery store a couple of times a week. I’m always buying bulk cases of water and can never find people in the store to help me lift these cases into my shopping cart, she adds. “Most shopping carts are not designed to accommodate bulk packages, so any assistance I can find to make my shopping experience less painful is very much appreciated.”

The P3 was designed and developed by TRINITY, LLC, an in-store marketing company based in Metuchen, NJ that specializes in creating innovative merchandising solutions for retailers and CPG companies. According to Nick Farinola, Senior Vice President for Business Development at TRINITY, the P3 is a “win, win, win” proposition “Any merchandising solution today must successfully engage three primary beneficiaries, namely the retailer, CPG company and the shopper. If any of these stakeholders suffer, whether its through lost sales, operational inefficiency or shopper inconvenience, then the solution can be pretty much be classified to be a failure,” says Mr. Farinola.

Pallets Get a Face Lift…Literally

Thousands of retail stores use pallet drops to promote off price goods. Many of these stores have spent millions of dollars remodeling their interiors to improve merchandise appeal and overall shopping experience, yet pallets remain untouched, dropped in high traffic areas within a store, splintered and over stacked, lacking visual appeal. “Supermarkets, mass retailers, office supply, club stores and home centers all use pallets to promote off price goods says Mr. Farinola. “All use basic visual techniques that include a pole topper and simple shroud to communicate price and brand. The P3 gives the promotional aisle an identity. It creates a destination in the store that drives traffic and ultimately purchase,” he adds.

May 2008

TRINITY Sustainability Update: TRINITY establishes a ‘Sustainability Roadmap’

TRINITY has consistently demonstrated its commitment towards helping combat the mounting environmental concerns plaguing our industry. Green products warrant energy and material conservation through every stage of its life cycle. TRINITY is committed to tackling the impact on the environment head-on and striving to become the pioneer for sustainability for the POP industry.     

Several factors make a product and its manufacturing process truly sustainable. It begins with using eco-friendly or biodegradable materials as well as the conservation of energy and material through innovative product designs. You must then use efficient manufacturing techniques to further reduce material and energy waste. Finally, the products must then be packaged and shipped as well as disposed with minimum environmental impact.

TRINITY will follow a set of basic guidelines listed below to pursue the roadmap we have established to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Use of biodegradable or recyclable materials: Currently there are only a few biodegradable plastic materials, none universally accepted and sold. TRINITY will educate its customers on its potential options of environmentally friendly materials to make their products. An attempt will be made to try and incorporate these materials cost-effectively into the product design. Several plastic materials currently in use can be recycled. When a material cannot me recycled, we will engineer to increase the product’s life and ability for upgrades.
  • Use less material when possible using creative designs: TRINITY will use innovative designs to re-engineer existing products or engineer new products to reduce the material used. We will improve designs and use lower gauge materials when possible to realize the immense cost and energy savings due to the decrease in the amount of material and energy consumed and wasted.

  • Use the same material where possible for different components: The product must be designed for more efficient manufacturing and disassembly. An effort will be made to reduce the number of different materials used in the product and improve product design to facilitate dismantling and recycling of the product.

  • Reduce packaging: The material used for packaging could also be reduced by using lower thickness of paper (or even recycled paper) and plastic bags with lesser and thinner inserts. Multiple parts may also be packaged together when possible to ship more economically and also reduces shipping weight and thus fuel consumption. Corrugated pallets may be used when possible. TRINITY already has one material who we return corrugated packaging to for reuse! We are extending this program to other vendor partners. 
January 2008

TRINITY is pleased to confirm the establishment of a marketing and equity relationship with Creative Composites Corporation, the corporation that founded and owns Greniteâ„¢, a relatively new “sustainable” hard surface material that can be used for numerous surface, countertop, and furniture applications. TRINITY is pleased to offer this product to its clients as well as be involved with the running of this business as part of its efforts to foster innovation in the area of sustainability.

Grenite (, is:

Ecologically friendly: recycled Ceramic & recyclable in all forms

  • High hardness…high strength and scratch resistance
  • Highly graffiti & stain resistant
  • Colorable – custom colors
  • Flame retardant…85% of material inert
    High temperature resistant…heated objects up to 500 degrees
  • Impermeable to water and air
  • Cold pour molded production…any shape that can be molded can be made
  • Longest life expectancy of any available solid surface material
  • Superior cost matrix…

Colorable – custom colors
Flame retardant…85% of material inert
High temperature resistant…heated objects up to 500 degrees
Impermeable to water and air
Cold pour molded production…any shape that can be molded can be made
Longest life expectancy of any available solid surface material
Superior cost matrix…


June 2007

TRINITY and ARNO, a leading European POP branding, display/fixture, and interactive company, are pleased to announce the establishment of a strategic alliance in building their businesses on a global basis.

ARNO,, is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany with offices in Bristol/England, Moscow, Athens, and Madrid servicing clients throughout Europe and the world. With a broad range of retail marketing services—display, shop-in-shop, retail interiors, exhibitions, interactive systems, and shop installation services—they do innovative, high performance work for outstanding clients in the Beauty, Fashion, Automotive, Stationary, and Consumer Electronics categories among others.

As the world gets flatter, TRINITY and ARNO look forward to offering global clients a resource that can:

  • Translate a brand’s visual story consistently around the world…so the shopper, whether in Europe, the US, Asia, or any other market gets the same brand or retail presentation. Much has been written about the benefit of this.
    Offer global clients services as efficiently as possible…via the strategic alliance be able to deliver global sourcing opportunities as well as local project management, customer service, and logistics as needed on a optimal cost basis.

  • Offer new insights and ideas to clients based on a global perspective of shopping and retail trends. In TRINITY’s case, we look forward to drawing on ARNO’s “design aesthetic” in creating certain new programs in the US. For ARNO, we look to offer our “retail insight” core competency as it is applicable.

  • Bring to retailers worldwide proprietary ideas that emanate from the TRINITY and ARNO working together. Such ideas would address lighting; shelf productivity; pilfer resistance; and sustainability opportunities among others.

    We agree with and aspire to a statement that Jack Welch said, Globalization has changed us into a company that searches the world, not just to sell or to source, but to find intellectual capital – the world’s best talents and greatest ideas.
May 2007

Please see the following article THINKING SMART: 4 REASONS TO RETROFIT FIXTURING by Randy Riley. The article appeared in EXPRESSIVE ARTS’ recent May Newsletter. TRINITY is pleased to have a business alliance with EXPRESSIVE ARTS, a strategic retail marketing company located in Dallas, TX. Please check them out at . They’d love to include your story in their next issue. Please send requests to