How TRINITY helps with Sustainability?

TRINITY Sustainability Roadmap:

  • Use biodegradable/recyclable materials
  • Uses less material thru design
  • Uses the same material/component again in design
  • Reduce/reuse packaging

Design: Use materials like plastics to not only lower fixture cost but also weight of displays, which translates to easier installation and lower freight.

Example: A Sunglass Display—produced 27.5M with significant plastic use (panels & base); saved approximately 20 lbs/display or 550,000 lbs. across the chain…less to move/lift in stores, less freight, and fewer lbs. of CO2 in transportation.

EnergyTRINITY focuses on LED design leadership:

Apply lighting engineering knowledge and LED technological innovation
Create lower wattage, still effective LED light fixtures

Example: LED Rail Cornice v. Florescent  Cornice has saved over 54 million lbs. of CO2 annually (2,300 stores x 23.6M lbs. of CO2/yr for lighting Florescent Cornice v. Rail; assumptions: 45, 4’ Cornices/st, cost of kWh, kWh per store used, emission rate of CO2/kWh = emission of CO2).


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