Innovators in the design,  development and production of store fixtures and multi-material displays.  TRINITY is also a leading retail lighting solutions company, expert at creating LED “task”, “visual”, and “decor” lighting systems that improve the in-store experience, efficiently and sustainably.

TRINITY provides brands, retailers, and service companies with superior, revenue building in-store marketing retail environments, displays,  custom fixtures and “task” lighting solutions – LED Cornices; LED Undershelf Lights; LED Boxes and Panels, including Fabric Graphic Panels; LED Neo-Neon Solutions and numerous other LED innovations . In this endeavor, TRINITY offers retail marketing/branding insights and in-store strategic problem solving and design.

“I want to say Thanks to John Farinola and the Trinity team for executing the (LED Cornice Project) installs at each location.  John and team did an outstanding job in giving daily updates on each project along with details reports and pictures of each location; their partnership was the key to the projects overall success.  The information given was of great help with resolving each store matters quickly and with little interruption to the stores.”


Lisa Shairrick-Riggins
Walmart Stores, Inc.



January 2023 – Store Point Retail   Dallas, TX


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